Can We Be Done Tonight?

at the end of this day
i lean/ in/ on/around
what it is to live on this rock
in the midst of this war

you say- war is blood
invasion and troops, all flagged up
the pentagon and military
there and not here
some say- freedom and violence go hand in hand

but i’ll return to that
since freedom is an overused word
in an underfree world

this war is wave after wave
of pain, uncertainty, confusion
many of us seeking out reasons
relief, healing ourselves in our search for
answers for the pain and oppression laid at our feet
scrolled in our newsfeed
boiling in blood
scratching at our throats

do we speak, as we learn, as we unlearn
do we destroy as we deconstruct
can we support ourselves and each other
while we tear those behaviors-
the ones inherited, absorbed, internalized
out of ourselves?
these are the questions that keep me up at night
nearly every night

for the next day will be more or less, war
and the day after that will be more or less, war
comrades preparing themselves for the loss of themselves

if i hear another friend tell me to burn the world down if they die….

repression is what happens when you resist
oppression is what happens when you don’t
both to be dragged or laid at our feet

either way, this pain can bloom
and bruise in the most paintful of ways
on a canvas based white when it blotted out this land
framed states with borders
called some- person, subject, citizen
gave you- rights
just so they can take them away
called itself- the law
held together with blood
and that is not metaphor

but still we compete for affection under a societies misdirection
want it to reform itself, value our health
give it the allegiance it so violently demands of us
but does not deserve

there is no consent here
remember this:
the state will never educate you on alternatives to itself
this hierarchy will never tell you there are other ways to organize ourselves
this government will never tell you it needs fear, racism, violence, poverty and war
to justify itself

some say- liberation and violence go hand in hand
i think they are correct
i am not a pacifist
because this system is violent
not because i think we can spread so called democracy
with the barrel of a gun
not because i think “guns” are revolutionary
because like most tools, no one thing is

but because we have to look at what is known about resistance
there are alternatives to this system
they are vibrant, all lifeblood and shiny
but not new
some of them so old we can barely remember

but each time we thrive together
making joy under the rubble of this hierarchy
we get just a taste of the remembering
even though the waves come crashing again
to remind us
they will come, again and again
we can rise with the moon each night
to meet the tide
if you look inside you will see that you know this




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